Vision Sonora Projects and Programs

In the Vision Sonora Plan, Sonora finds new ways to showcase its unique identity and history; it is enriched with public spaces, parks and green spaces; its streets actively support pedestrians, bicycles and transit; it is a community that openly attracts and welcomes visitors, but still takes care of the locals; and at its core, has a thriving and flourishing downtown. The Vision Sonora Plan addresses downtown parking, beautification, historic preservation, pedestrian safety, biking, business development and additional ways to create a more vibrant community.

The Plan not only recommends physical improvements to revitalize Sonora, but also programmatic elements related to organizational structure that set up partnerships for implementation. It is anticipated that the Plan will be implemented over a 10 year period. The Vision Sonora Committee, along with community members, will be evaluating each program and project to determine whether it should have a short-term or longer-term priority. However, the availability of funding will likely determine the timing of most projects and programs.


The City of Sonora has received Federal Highway Administration – Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) funding through the Tuolumne County Transportation Council to fund the preliminary engineering and environmental analysis for two projects within the Vision Sonora Plan. The two projects include the Red Church Pedestrian & Traffic Improvement Project and Stockton-Washington Beautification & Transit Project.

These two projects have been reviewed by the Vision Sonora Committee with a recommendation for approval to proceed by the City Council.

For more information contract Tyler Summersett at (209) 532-3508 or [email protected].