1. Business Name: A Business name should always be indicated, even if owner uses their own name.
  2. a. If you are an applicant that rents space from a Primary Business (Hair Salons, Antique/Misc., Merchandise Stores/Co-Op Stores). The actual applicant information should be provided. (For Example: if Suzie Jones will be working as a hairstylist at Jo’s Boutique, the Business Name should be Suzie Jones, but the location will be for Jo’s Boutique.)
  3. Business Location (Complete Address, City, State, Zip): Actual Business Location, not a P.O. Box Address. If you are conducting business out of your home then the business location is the home address.
  4. Business Telephone: Phone Number for business.
  5. Owner’s Home Telephone: Applicants home telephone number.
  6. Date Business Started In Sonora: Date applicant will commence business in the City of Sonora.
  7. Business Owner: Name of Business Owner. If Owner is a Corporation, a Partnership or a Trust put the name of the Corporation, Partnership or Trust and include the officers’ names and titles in the space provided in Section #9.
  8. Home Address (Complete Address, City, State, Zip): Home Address of Business Owner.
  9. Is Application For: Indicate whether the business is a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or Trust. If business is a Sole Proprietorship and sections 6 & 7 are completed then skip section.
  10. Name/Title – Home Address (Complete Address, City, State, and Zip) – (Area Code) Phone: if business is a Partnership, Corporation or Trust, this section must be completed for the officers of the Partnership, Corporation or Trust. Please include the officers Name/Title, complete home address and phones numbers.
  11. Resale Number (Board of Equalization): If business is a Retail Business, we will need a copy of a valid Resale Certificate prior to the Business License being issued. If applicant does not have a Resale Certificate one may be obtained at the State Board of Equalization website.
  12. State Employer ID Number: Required if applicant will have employees and are paying employee tax to the State.
  13. Federal Employer I.D. Number: Required if applicant will have employees and are paying employee tax to the Federal Government.
  14. Mailing Information: This section must be completed by applicant. Even if the mailing ad dress is the same as the business location. This address is where the City will send all correspondence regarding your business.
  15. Type of Business (Give full description): Applicant must give a complete description of the type of business they will be conducting.
  16. Contractors License No: If applicant is a contractor, please supply us with your Contractors License Number.

City of Sonora
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