City of Sonora Business License

What we need from you, the Business Owner

  1. Completed and signed Business License Application (See Instructions for Completing the Business License Application)
  2. Completed and signed Business License/Benefit Zone A Fee Sheet or Business License/Benefit Zone B Fee Sheet to determine amount due.  (See Explanation/Determining your Benefit Zone)
    * Please issue separate check
  3. Completed Occupancy Permit Application (See Occupancy Permit Requirements)
    * Please issue separate check
  4. Completed Hazardous Materials Business Plan
  5. Completed Emergency Response Form
  6. A copy of your Resale Certificate (only if you are a retail or wholesale business).
  7. A copy of your Tuolumne County Health Department paperwork (only if your business will deal with food, recreational health or body art).

You MUST complete all of the above mentioned forms and return them with the appropriate fees before we can issue your business license.
Please do not hand in your paperwork until you are within 90 days of opening your business.

Please bring or mail documents with original signatures to:

City of Sonora
Chris Gorsky, Administrative Services Director
Tracy Skelly, Administrative Services Officer/City Clerk
Darlene Gibson, Finance Assistant
94 N. Washington Street
Sonora, CA, 95370
Phone: (209) 532-4541
Fax: (209) 532-2738

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday
8 am – 4 pm (excluding Holidays)
Phone: (209) 532-4541
Fax: (209) 532-2738

City of Sonora