Labor Negotiations

All employees are covered by the City of Sonora’s Personnel Rules and Regulations adopted by the City Council. Under State law, public employees have the right to “collective bargaining”, the right to be represented by unions regarding wages, hours and working conditions.

Most City employees are represented by one of five bargaining units that are covered by a Memorandum of Understanding, union contracts that result from good faith negotiations under the terms of State law. All other employees, including Contract Employees, are categorized as “unrepresented” employees.

Copies of the most recent memorandum of understanding (MOU’s) for each bargaining unit can be found below

Sonora Employees’ Association (SEA)

Sonora Fire Fighters’ Association (SFFA)

Sonora Police Officers’ Association (SPOA)

Sonora Confidential Employees’ Association (SCEA)

Sonora Management Employees’ Association (SMEA)