Notice of Public Hearing

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City of Sonora City will conduct a public hearing at 5:00 PM, or shortly thereafter, on the 18th day of April 2022, in the Sonora City Council Chambers, 94 North Washington Street, Sonora, CA in order to discuss applications and expenditures of funding using the State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Income funds and to solicit public input on possible activities to be included in the application.

The City of Sonora is considering the following Sonora Fire Department activities for the Program Income funds available including General Administration funds:

– Type 3 Fire Engine                                                              not to exceed             $409,516.82

– Type 6 Fire Engine                                                               not to exceed            $318,229.77

– Breathing Apparatus – SCBA Systems                              not to exceed            $174,869.03

– Exhaust Removal System                                                   not to exceed            $143,360.81

Eligible activities consist of: Homeownership Assistance and Housing Rehabilitation Programs; Public Facility and Public Improvement Projects (Including Public Improvements in Support of New Housing Construction); Public Service Programs, Planning Studies, Economic Development Business Assistance and Microenterprise Activities.  Eligible activities paid for with State CDBG funds must meet one or more of the three national objectives listed in CDBG federal statues as follows: Benefit to low-income households or persons; elimination of slums and blight; or meeting urgent community development need.

The purpose of this public hearing will be to give citizens an opportunity to make their comments known on the proposed application of Program Income project(s).  This meeting will be open to the public or available via video conferencing. The posted meeting agenda will include the phone number and passcode needed to participate in the teleconference.

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