Understanding the Business License and Benefit Zone Charges

The total cost of a business license consists of two parts, the Business License Fee and the Benefit Zone Charge.

The Business License Fee is calculated based on the number of employees and ranges between $70.00 (1-3 employees) and $1,500.00 (100+ employees). Business License Fees are treated as revenue to the City’s General Fund and are used to support fundamental City operations including Administration, Police, Fire and Public Works.

There are two Benefit Zone Charges. Benefit Zone A encompasses the downtown area between Wykoff, Gold, Shepherd and Green Streets. The Benefit Zone A cost ranges between $75.00 and $300.00 depending on the number of employees. All other locations are considered to be in Benefit Zone B. The cost is $25.00 for each business. Benefit Zone Charges finance specific business related activities such as downtown garbage pick-up, parking facility maintenance and acquisition, street sweeping and four annual special events sponsored to encourage patronage by local residents and tourists in the downtown area.

Benefit Zone A. (See Zone A Map)
If your business is located in the downtown area between Wykoff, Gold, Shepherd and Green Streets, including Washington Street you are in Zone A.

Benefit Zone B
If your business is located anywhere other than Zone A, then you are in Zone B.

Benefit Zone Exempt
If your business is located within the confines of another business, which may be considered the primary business within that building, then you are Benefit Zone Exempt. Example: Hair Salons, Antique Vendors/Coin Dealers, Massage Therapists.