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City of Sonora Business License

Home Occupation Permit Information

Under city Ordinance No. 613, if you are conducting or plan to conduct business from your residence and your residence is located inside the City Limits of Sonora then you must complete and sign the Home Occupation Permit Application

The permit application and $25.00 fee must be submitted to the City of Sonora Building and Planning Department at 94 North Washington Street, Sonora, CA   95370

As specified within the above Ordinance, the Community Development Director shall review the application.  Within 30 days after filing the application the Director shall render a decision, in writing, either approving or denying the request and the findings for such action.  Applicants may appeal a decision as designated in said Ordinance.

Please contact Kim Campbell of the Sonora Building and Planning Department at (209) 532-3508 if you have any questions.

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
8 am - 4 pm (excluding Holidays)

City of Sonora                
Tracy Skelly, Administration
Toni Arola, Administration
94 Washington Street
Sonora, CA, 95370
Phone: (209) 532-4541
Fax: (209) 532-2738