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Agendas and Minutes

Nomination Form and The Vision Sonora Map
The first round of the Mayor's "Appreciation Awards" were given out last night at the City Council meeting on Monday, July 18, 2016.  Now is your opportunity to nominate a building downtown. The criteria is at the bottom of the Nomination Form. Please fill out and email or mail (all info on the form!) Remember the building must reside in the footprint of the Vision Sonora  project. See map!


Current Projects:

Adopt a Bench Program

Stockton -  Washington Beautification and Transit Project

Sonora Park and Ride

Stewart Street Restrooms



Vision Sonora in a community revitalization plan that was initiated to provide the City of Sonora with a plan to create a more vibrant community by addressing the following areas along the Highway 49 and Washington Street corridors:

Circulation and Congestion    Management

   Parking Management

   Gateway Features and Wayfinding Signage

   Transit Facilities

   Aesthetics and Beautification

   Multi-modal Connectivity

   Economic Development and Quality of Life

   Finance and Implementation Planning

The Vision Sonora Project was funded under a California Department of Transportation Community Based Planning Grant awarded to the Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC).  The Vision Sonora Plan received the 2014 Outstanding Planning Award in Urban Design from the Central Section of the American Planning Association.

To develop the Vision Sonora Plan, the City of Sonora and RBF Consulting worked in partnership with the TCTC and Caltrans while receiving input from business owners, residents and community organizations.  A community based Advisory Committee was formed to guide Plan development.  Additionally, the public was provided opportunities to provide input through the Community Visioning Week, Mind-Mixer Website and finally the Community Forum which provided the public an opportunity to view the initial draft. 

Instead of developing strategies for land use, circulation and economic development in silos, Vision Sonora integrates all of the components into recommendations that are intertwined and supportive of each other.  The Plan is focused around the following goals that capture the main points in the comments, concerns and ideas of community members:

1.       Strengthen Sonora’s Identity & History

2.        Attract & Welcome Visitors

3.       Create Places to Enjoy

4.       Boost Downtown Appeal & Commerce

5.       Enable Pedestrian & Bicycle Travel

6.       Take Care of Locals

The Vision Sonora Plan provides recommendations to revitalize the local economy, enhance Sonora’s unique historic character and improve quality of life.  These recommendations fall into two major categories, Mobility & Community Design and Tourism, Local Economy & Community.

Mobility & Community Design recommendations focus on improving/enhancing gateways, pedestrian facilities, public spaces, parks and green spaces, bicycle and transit facilities, traffic circulation and parking, and wayfinding signage within the project area. 

Tourism, Local Economy and Community recommendations focus on improving/enhancing the historic downtown corridor, expand the City’s economic base, visitor information and promotion, cultural and heritage tourism, arts and culture, business support and recruitment, and overall community health. 

The Plan is not an engineering document or capital improvement program and funding has not been received to implement the Plan.  Implementation will be a long-term effort involving the City, community partners and the community at large.  Development of the Vision Sonora Plan was an important step in moving forward as the community preserves its past and defines its future.

The City Council established the Vision Sonora Committee which is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Vision Sonora Plan.  As community involvement is vital to the success of Vision Sonora, the Vision Sonora Committee has established various sub-committees to encourage public participation.

By integrating recommendations for physical improvements as well as programmatic strategies, Vision Sonora has the ability to improve the quality of life for Sonora’s community members through many different avenues including economic opportunities, health and wellbeing, access to open space and recreational facilities, and multi-modal circulation options.

Vision Sonora Projects & Programs

Vision Sonora Committee 

Vision Sonora Plan 

Vision Sonora Appendices:

            A. Sonora Existing Document Summary

            B. Sonora Existing Conditions

            C. Community Visioning Summary

            D. Parking Need Memo

            E. Historic Downtown Sonora Market Opportunities

            F. Open House Summary

            G. Cost Estimates

            H. Vision Poster

If you have any questions contact Rachelle Kellogg, Community Development Director at (209) 532-3508 or